Navigating from Profits to Purpose.......




Contracting Benefits
Interconnected Business Services

We are a prime consulting agency navigating and leveraging the sectors of industrial, commercial and residential as a Government Contractor. 


- Integrity

- Experience

- Consistent

- Low Risk

- Minimum Paperwork

- Low Management

- Government Purchase Card Compatible

Who We Are

Dunamis Dominion LLC is a consulting  and financial empowerment agency that provides a host of:

1. Professional Services

2. Government Contracting Services (Federal, State and Local)

3. Coaching and Training Services

4. Financial Education and Management Services.


We are a Gamechanger to business startups (nonprofits and for-profits for business coaching) as well as to state and federal government agencies.

  • Strategy & Organization

  • Professional & Administrative Services

  • Housing Service Provider (Emergency & Transitional) (Permanent Housing coming soon!)

  • General Contractor Support Services & Consulting

  • Building Support Services​

  • Property Management​ & Preservation

  • Call Center Services​

  • Relocation Support Services​

  • Book Publishing & Marketing Services & Curriculum Development​

  • Media Services​ (Online Radio & TV Stations)

  • Financial Education & Management Services​ (Business Credit & Financing, Personal Credit Repair & Nonprofit Grant Writing & Research)