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A Transitional Housing Model Blueprint!

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If you have been seeking and searching for answers and guidance about how to open, manage and sustain a transitional housing facility, you don't have to look any further! This University provides empowerment, leadership, masterclass courses, webinars, mentorship and a host of other relatable resources to assist you at opening, managing and sustaining a transitional housing facility in your community.

Bookmark this Page! WHY! Because this page will also keep you informed of upcoming events, new programs, tips, insights and other ahh-mazing strategies and principles needed to assist you at being successful in navigating your transitional housing facility.

Please understand that Camouflage Housing University provides training in stages:

 - Our Masterclass Course is the Phase One Stage of Opening your transitional facility. In this Phase we show you how to "Open" your transitional facility and provide you ALL the needed mindset shifts,  documents and templates to assist you. 

 - Quarterly FUNding Plan Development Bootcamp: This is Phase Two which will teach you how to "Manage" your transitional facility. We will teach you how to develop a grant writing and fundraising plan for your organization. You will also learn how to research grant opportunities and develop a proposal for your organization.

 - Quarterly Sustain Me Please Bootcamp: This is Phase Three which will teach you how to "Sustain" your transitional facility by positioning your organization to receive business credit and financing. 



University Entrance

Click this button if you are ready to enter the dimension of transitional housing training. This link will connect you to the Masterclass Course and additional trainings.

Upcoming Membership Programs

Upcoming Trainings

Here is a sneak peek of upcoming trainings that are being developed just for you.

1. Grant Writing Basics - Virtual

2. Grant Opportunity Research - Virtual

3. Quarterly Bootcamps

1. Camouflage Housing MentorMe Membership - $99 monthly: For individual that are just stepping into the transitional housing industry. This MentorMe Membership will provide training and resources for opening a transitional housing facility. Strategies and principles will also be provided in the areas of partnering, case management tools, administrative hacks, community networks and relationship building and so much more.

2. Mentorplus Empowerment Membership Program - $199 monthly: For individuals that have already taken the Masterclass Course and/or the VIP Coaching. Mentorplus Empowerment Membership is an advance level provides insights and access to grant writing, proposal development, grant opportunities from foundations and corporations, grant opportunities on the local and state level, in-depth research hacks and tips, FUNdraising insights, communication plan development; donor and collaboration development and so much more!