Financial Empowerment

I have learned that poor financial decisions can negatively impact many aspects of your individual and business life!

Financial Empowerment is controlling your financial situation. Note that you must first understand your emotions and how they direct your decisions. Once you understand that your feelings are an emotional driver whenever it comes to spending habits, you're in a better position to control your financial situation. It is not about disregarding your emotions. It’s about learning how to control them.

I along with many others were not provided or given the opportunity to learn about personal and/or business finance before bad habits were established. There are many free resources available for individuals who want to learn on their own as well as for their business as well.  Knowledge is a very small part of financial empowerment APPLIED KNOWLEDGE is the greater part!

We must prioritize our wants versus needs!  While on this journey called life, you will have to make adjustments to your lifestyle if you desire to become financially empowered. I've learned throughout time, to get something you have never had, you will have to do something you have never done. Financial empowerment means telling yourself and possibly others no today so you can tell yourself yes tomorrow. It is more than just budgeting! This will be your plan to win with money and accomplish the ultimate goal of becoming financially empowered. Always be ready to adapt to changes within your situation.

Get an accountability partner who can assist you with your financial empowerment decision. Having a support system is a major plus on this journey of financial empowerment.